"As if men had a monopoly on murder."

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I wanna be in that relationship where I can just do the stupidest shit. Like legit, dance in public with me, make faces at me, do accents with me, hell, make fun of my bad habits in a funny way. I don’t care, just have fun with me.

"[cougar] is a little more trendy right now than I think it should be. Men have been doing it for so long. If a man’s 40 years older than a woman they’re dating or married to, it seems De rigueur, but if a woman dates someone five or ten years younger, it becomes such a big deal. I find that to be really distasteful."  Lucy Liu in Schon magazine 2014


once upon a time meme
(6/10) characters » ruby lucas/red riding hood

lost girl meme: [1/1] season » season three
↳ My father was most certainly Dark, but what if he was a monster? What does that make me?

Every Character I LoveAllison Argent (Teen Wolf)

“Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.”

I love my skin!



"Because that’s where she lives."

I lost it.


orphan black tv tropes → alison hendrix

Fangirl challenge | [5/10] tv shows

Tatiana Maslany + Makeup

I love how intently Gail is listening to Frank. She’s really taking in his words. He’s saying everything she needs to hear right now. Then literally the very next scene is her expressing to Holly everything he just said to them (well the part about this being dangerous and them being cops).


+ broad city, season 1
+ the mindy project, season 1

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